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I'm currently involved in several research projects, mainly at the Affiliative Behaviour and Physiology Lab.

Brain Computer Interfaces

I'm now working with the Emotiv Epoch, for wich I'm developing some tools and scripts based on Emokit, in order to use it for EEG research and Brain Computer Interface.

EEG Analysis

I'm currently working on the analysis of EEG data collected from various researches.

  • Several sets of data obtained from cross-cultural studies made between the University of Trento and the Nanyang Technological University.
  • EEG, ECG and behavioural data collected as part of a research projects made in colaboration between the University of Trento and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences of Nagasaki.
  • Audio Analysis

    The infant cry is known to be an early indicator of disease, such as the Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    At the ABP Lab we are focused on the analysis of the infant cry, as well as in the development of new tools and practices to better estimee the fundamental frequency and other properties of the infant cry.
    Also, i'm helping with the organization of the 13th International Infant Cry Workshop.

    Dynamics of Love

    With "Dynamics of Love" we aim to study how exclusive love relationship works.
    The project consists of an online web platform, to collect data, and a serie of scripts and tools to analyze them.
    This project was presented as my Bachelor Degree Thesis.