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Hi, I'm Giulio and I'm a
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Do you love awesome websites?
We have something in common!
Web Design

Web Design

I love beautiful website almost as much as you do, that's why I design awesome web experiences.
I create custom websites that fulfils the users' needs and satisfy their eyes.
My websites are designed with the users in mind, and their devices as well.


I design websites with the users in mind.
Layouts, interactions, content and functionalities are arranged following usabilities principles and are tested with users, in order to provide a product design that help the user in every step.

Web Development

I develop working websites usign the latest technology available. That's why my websites are always keeping pace with the latests design and development trends.

Content Design

I can restructure, rewrite, otimise or create custom readable and SEO friendly content.

Responsive Web pages

My websites are designed to make your content stunning on every screen size.

My Portfolio


I'm curently involved in several research projects carryed on by the Affiliative Behaviour and Physiology Lab (University of Trento, Italy), and during the last few years I've collaborated with several laboratory and research institute located all around the world.
My research interests are focused on Usability, User Experience, and Brain Computer Interfaces, as well as on the infant cry and visual illusions.

Other Projects

I'm working on some personal projects as well.
Take a look at my works:

Into the UIld is a blog about gorgeous User Interfaces

About Me

Hi, I'm Giulio and I'm a Master Student at the University of Trento.
I love amazing website almost as much as you do, and that's why I always do my best in designing and develop web experiences people loves.